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    Smile Linda - :) -

    Called up Maggie and got an appt with Linda.

    She's down on Kingsway.

    The picture is her, she's a little bit older (late 30s I guess).

    She does everything she lists.

    Her tits are real nice. Her ass is OK.. meh.

    Same kind of AMP service, accompanied shower, massage ( which is not bad, quite relaxing), then flip and onto the good stuff.

    She has a really good BBBJ, not the best or really spectacular, but good none the less.

    She'll do a bit of BBBJ and then stop and try to rub your cock in between her tits, but the first time it kind of hurt, cause she didn't get it wet enough.

    After the third or fourth time it got nice and slippery :P

    I didn't go much further, as I asked her to blow the load in her mouth. She obliged.

    L - 2.5/5 - Body is quite nice. Ass is a little flabby. Tits are great. Not a traffic stopper
    A - 4.5/5 - No real attitude issues for me, converses in Cantonese. Asked me if I wanted to eat dinner with them (I declined)
    S - 4/5 - Good massage, good BBBJ.

    Ad with contact info is here:

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    Hey, thanks for the review, YoungGun25. I'd have to agree with your assessments of her, I think I said in my review that she has the nicest set of bolt-ons I've had the pleasure with but I did rate her face higher... but I'm an old guy so anything under 40 looks good to me...

    My last session with her was much like you described, she's good about the CIM thing, a trooper to the end!

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