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Thread: Lina from Vancity ads

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    Lina from Vancity ads

    Her ad is here

    The pics are NOT of her (yeah right..)

    I was going to try her for a duo, but decided to do a solo on my first visit. Located in a house near Fraser and Kingsway. Ok English.

    When I showed up, not too bad looking. No head turner, looks like a middle age asian mom, but a step above MunMun's girls. She had huge C boobs, so that was a plus.

    Massage was ok. But her BBBJ was enthuisiastic and somewhat sloppy. Onto doggy and cowgirl and I blew. Her pussy was decently tight. Quite the fun romp. Not exactly PSE, but a good roll in the hay. We were done in 30mins, so we just chatted.

    One of my more better recent experience with asian micros.

    L-7.5 (not too bad for an older asian women)
    A-8.5 pretty open to all requests
    S-8 no PSE, but was a good ride.

    Would I repeat, likely yes. I meet her partner MiMi. While MiMi face was definetely older, her boobs were incredibly huge! I would like to try a duo with them one day.

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    Ah that's Lina from Maggie's crew. She's pretty good. I heard she's leaving by the end of the month to go back to Hong Kong.

    Thanks for the review dude

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    saw Mimi and she is a WOT. Nothing great to write home about that is for sure. Much better out there. I think there r a few reviews stating the same.

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